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​​Holistic Body Harmony
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We repair the body inside and out...
  1. Ultrasonic Cavitation
    Ultrasonic Cavitation
  2. Holistic Health Consult
    Holistic Health Consult
  3. Customized Massage
    Customized Massage
  4. Hot Rocks
    Hot Rocks
  5. Cupping
  6. CBD Massage
    CBD Massage
  7. Light Therapy Bed
    Light Therapy Bed

Herbal Body Wraps

 Herbal Body Wraps help you re-shape and contour your body, lose inches and look and feel great!  

The use of herbal therapy has been around for many centuries for the promotion of good health.  A series of body wrap treatments are recommended for best results. 
Helps with detoxification, metabolism, stimulation, circulation, moisturizes, reduction and relief from arthritis and other muscular-skeletal ailments and pain, increased energy level and a feeling of being rejuvenated.  Also, the detoxification and relaxation lead to a higher sense of well-being for many people.

The Herbal Body Wrap Treatment is used in conjunction with and includes infrared heat, vigorous massage, and lymphatic drainage.  No shower needed after treatment. 

1 -   Treatment      $69
6 -   Treatments    $354
12 - Treatments    $588