Herbal Body Wraps

Herbal Body Wraps help you re-shape and contour your body, lose inches and look and feel great!  The use of herbal therapy has been around for many centuries for the promotion of good health.  A series of body wrap treatments is recommended for best results.  Helps with detoxification, metabolism, stimulation, circulation, moisturizes, reduction and relief from arthritis and other muscular-skeletal ailments and pain, increased energy level and a feeling of being rejuvenated.  Also, the detoxification and relaxation lead to a higher sense of well-being for many people.

The Herbal Body Wrap Treatment is used in conjuction with and includes:  infrared heat, vigorious massage and lymphatic drainage.  No shower needed after treatment.

1 -   Treatment      $69
6 -   Treatments    $354
12 - Treatments    $588

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